The Centre for Sustainable Municipalities

The CSM connects the expertise of Fleming College’s experienced and highly skilled faculty in areas relevant to sustainability, emerging technologies, innovative approaches to asset management, and municipal infrastructure services to technology developers, asset managers, and municipalities.

Our Staff

Our researchers, trainers, and consultants are experts in the areas of advanced asset management, information acquisition, management and interpretation, financial decision-making associated with infrastructure and assets, and environmental decision-making associated with meeting greenhouse gas (GHG) targets.

Our goal is to help municipalities and Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises achieve their objectives and create sustainable municipalities across the country.

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Why Work With Us?

We are passionate about driving innovation in the advanced asset management sphere, helping companies respond to a growing market opportunity, and connecting municipalities to the technologies and practices that can make them sustainable.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of both the private and public sector. Our focus is on you, the client, and helping you achieve your goals. We know that what you do is important and we want to see you succeed.

Send us an email and let’s get started.

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