Research Grants

& Awards

History of Applied Research Funding


  • Development of condition monitoring system for smart waste receptacles (NSERC Engage $25,000)
  • NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in predictive water network analytics (NSERC IRCC $1,000,000)


  • Development of LPWAN Telegram Splitting Multiple Access Starter Kit (NSERC Engage $25,000)


  • Development of a cloud-based system for remote access to pipeline condition assessment data (NSERC Engage $25,000)
  • Development of a machine based acoustic device for municipal pipeline condition assessments. (SOWC AWT $100,000)
  • Development of an advanced greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement tool for municipal infrastructure (NSERC Engage $25,000)
  • Advanced technologies for asset management 2017-2020 (OCE CARDF $500,000)

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